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Self Love Program

Life isn’t a puzzle to be solved, it’s an adventure, an education, and a celebration to be lived. My self love graduate program offers tools and techniques that help individuals grow and evolve.


I believe that everyone wants and deserves to love and be loved and that our capability to love others is very related to our ability to love ourselves.


This program is presented in a caring, supportive and safe environment to help you achieve your goals and discover the ingredients for your happy, healthy, love-filled life. 


Become prepared to:

♥ Discover you are beautiful and lovable, just as you are.

♥ Let go of your fears and shames from the past 

♥ Practice speaking and listening from your heart

♥ Accept and love your body, as it is today

♥ Change habits and patterns that no longer serve you

♥ Take risks, have fun, change your life


Do you need to rediscover your passion? 



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